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Lo Gnocco's treasures

Value-driven, unique and distinctive solutions. Our products can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator for over 9 months.
We make any type of flavor under the Lo Gnocco brand or private label. Besides offering a wide range of gnocchi, we also give the opportunity to create new recipes and to develop a project together!

Homemade gnocchi with 100% Tuscan Heart

What do we mean by typical product of Tuscany? It is a gnocco strongly linked to the territory, made with Tuscan potatoes grown according to traditional methods consolidated over the years. We must treasure the resources of our region!

Classic potato gnocchi

Selected flour, excellent toasting and precise packaging are every day results. These gnocchi have a soft and delicate taste which appeals to the palate thanks to their pleasant and velvety notes, enhancing all the flavors of the great Italian tradition . LO GNOCCO is a low-calorie product, making it ideal for those who love sport and well-being. Selected flours, excellent roasting and precise packaging are the result of every day. The taste of these gnocchi is soft and delicate, to the palate it appeals with pleasant and velvety notes and in the dish it exalts all the flavors of the great Italian tradition. LO GNOCCO is also ideal for those who love sport and well-being, as it is a low-calorie product.

Gourmet gnocchi

In this line of special gnocchi you can find all the taste and delights of the Italian tradition . Thanks to this more intensely flavored line , LO GNOCCO's patented process makes your dishes tastier but still healthy.

VEG Line

Looking for a plant-based alternative at LO GNOCCO? Browse our VEG line with 100% vegetable proteins. Starters, first courses, side dishes, snacks... we offer a thousand possibilities to use your imagination in the kitchen to get a nice full meal ready. So many unique flavours to give your vegetarian and vegan recipes more variety, discovering endless possibilities in the kitchen for new dishes!


Quality, craftsmanship, genuineness and excellence are the values which drive our passionate work in our laboratory. The result is a line of selected ingredients forthe production of organic gnocchi which meet the needs of all consumers who seek a guaranteed natural product.

Ho.Re.Ca (Hospitality industry)

Thanks to the different Lo Gnocco product lines catering professionals can offer their customers unforgettable experiences, building up their loyalty. Lo Gnocco provides its customers with a broad range of products and also with the opportunity to create new tastes. Lo Gnocco is famous for bringingthe best of Made in Italy to the dining table.

Private Label

LO GNOCCO offers the possibility to create entirely customized products, from the flavor to the type of packaging. The gnocchi packaging can be custom-made with the creation of brands or labels. Personalized cartons and labels are then stored to be used for orders.

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