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Wholesale gnocchi manufacturer

A passion cultivated over time: the stages of the company growth

Since the 1990s, Santo Li Vecchi has come a long way: his work has always been driven by his passion for Italian cuisine, with clear objectives and ideas to build a better future for his family. ESSEDI PASTA Ltd. was founded a few kilometers from the city center of Prato, thanks to the head of the family, Santo, who still runs the company and produces potato gnocchi with his children.

Today, ESSEDI PASTA is a limited liability company where all employees are part of the Li Vecchi family, keeping up the family tradition. The company has a production plant that has undergone several updates over the years, following the business  growth.


On 12th March 1958 Santo Li Vecchi is born. From an early age he has been a true lover of traditions and craftsmanship, in fact, he starts working at 15 in order to achieve his goals.


Many years later Santo, together with his former business partner, takes over the Pastificio Pratese, a company specialized in the production of gnocchi. Meanwhile the family celebrates the arrival of Gianluca, their first-born child. His wife, besides being a mother, helps Santo in the factory.


Santo’s plans outdate the machinery of the factory, therefore, with the help of experts, he develops a new solution that can satisfy the growing demand of volume and variety of gnocchi. The investment is massive but it will pay off in a short time.


At the start of the new millenium the partners start to think big and they need a bigger factory. Gianluca has a 3 year old brother, Tommaso. The company headquarters are moved to Carmignano, a town near Prato.


The Li Vecchi family takes over the entire management of the pasta factory, changing its name to ESSEDI PASTA Ltd.. A few years later, Gianluca Li Vecchi, barely twenty years old, decides to follow in his parents’ footsteps and enters the company, bringing many innovations to the company.


Before this date the company produced gnocchi as third-party source, now it has its own brand, LO GNOCCO, a guarantee of quality and reliability. Two years later Tommaso also enters the business after obtaining a diploma in Administration, Finance and Marketing. The Li Vecchi family is finally complete.


A new investment in latest generation machinery allows for a significant increase in production and better cost management. Thus resulting in higher competitiveness, both in the Italian and foreign markets. Despite thinking bigger and bigger, the attention to details throughout all stages of processing is never diminished. That’s what makes LO GNOCCO quality appreciated all over the world.


The Li Vecchi brothers, Gianluca and Tommaso, manage to enter the American market and become FDA certified. More new clients means more storage space needed: the warehouse is expanded to store more raw materials and finished products.

We have been making gnocchi for the wholesale market for over 25 years.

The ideal solution for the retail sale of Lo Gnocco brand or customized brand gnocchi

Production for B2B market

Lo Gnocco branded or private label

Essedi Pasta Ltd. has taken a giant step since the 90s specializing in the production of potato gnocchi, under its own brand LO GNOCCO and/or private label. Many companies have chosen Essedi Pasta Ltd. to advertise their brands, recognizing the company as a reliable and innovative partner.

Initially the production was oriented exclusively to third-party source, for Metro Italy and America. Later, the company started producing for large-scale distribution, creating its own brand LO GNOCCO but continuing to produce gnocchi for third parties. The company is now very well known, both in the national and in the international markets, and there is no intention to stop the growing trend! The transition has been gradual but the word has spread in the field of pasta production and clients keep increasing.


The secret of our success?

The quality of our gnocchi, no doubt. A quality that has never been sacrificed to growth and that can guarantee a product that tastes just like the homemade one.

The long-term strategy based on innovation and technology while maintaining quality and food safety has paid off. Essedi Pasta Ltd., in fact, owns technologically advanced industrial plants but still produces following traditions and craftsmanship.

Quality at the right price

Our potato gnocchi stand out for their excellent quality at a reasonable price

Their quality is guaranteed by the love and attention paid to every single batch of dough. Quality control regards all aspects of the production cycle: from the arrival of raw materials, to the packaging process, and finally to the shipping of the finished product. This family of professionals operates on the market with commitment, guaranteeing the quality of all types of gnocchi produced, from traditional to flavored ones.

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