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Gnocchi for solidarity

We believe in sport and we work for everybody to be able to enjoy it

On 6th September 2011 the sport association Associazione sportiva disabili Quartotempo Firenze is born. The name ‘fourth half’ embodies the deep meaning of this association made of athletes, technicians, educators, managers, specialists in psycho-education and all the people who want to take part in this project. In many sports we have two halves in which two teams confront themselves; in some sports there is also a third half in which the one-time opponents get together sharing a moment of conviviality. For this association we thought about going beyond, into a fourth half: the time we dedicate to sport has a broader meaning and it is not confined to the match or the training, but it permeates every aspect of a person’s life.


Potato gnocchi and sport

Sports is part of everyone’s life in and outside the playing field, without discrimination and inequality. Our company endorses this important role of sport and promotes it.

After all, playing soccer for the Quartotempo project is like an excuse, a tool that allows us to work on something else. The soccer field is an interesting environment, where people can relate to each other with very simple rules, they can experience satisfaction and disappointment, just like in life. That’s why we have decided to introduce a psychologist, so that he/she could observe the development of intense relationships.  Sport is also an excellent means to get to know yourself and others, to take care of your body and your mind, to enrich yourself when sharing a common project, to play, have fun and eat together. Sport and play are thus the means to establish meaningful relationships, to share objectives, joys, sorrows and to relish in the profound differences that exist between us all.

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