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Training, nutrition and well-being

I am Alessio and I am a professional trainer specialized in body recomposition (weight loss and muscle toning) and in improving performance in sport. My goal is to transmit my vision to athletes, ordinary people and experts in the field alike: training must be integrated with a healthy diet in order to achieve a state of physical and mental well-being.

I have chosen to work with Lo Gnocco not only for the excellent quality of their products, but also for the values that the company embodies (tradition, participation, family and friendship), for their commitment to social issues, for their constant effort to integrate cooking and sports, and last but not least for their involvement with the Quartotempo Firenze sport association.

I met Gianluca and Tommaso, the brothers who run Lo Gnocco, in the gym. We got on well straight away as we share the same passion for fitness and the same work ethic. We have built a great relationship both on the job and outside work, which encourages our continuous collaboration



Diet and sport

Contrary to popular belief, diets are not only for losing weight


Most of the people who think they should lose weight actually need a body recomposition.

If you only focus on losing weight you will also lose your muscles, ending up with flabby skin, wobbling around with very little energy.

Slim shapeless person, sad and without energy

Looking good and, above all, feeling good means not only being slim, but also being toned and having an active metabolism.

Fit person, muscular and happy

Body recomposition is based on a perfect integration between diet and weight training in order to increase muscle mass and reduce fat mass.

Unfortunately, I have experienced first-hand how in my sector, weight training and nutrition, there are still a lot of beliefs and myths which don’t have any theoretically established scientific foundations.

I have been working in the field for several years with a completely different method: working with my clients with a more interactive, personalized approach based on the latest scientific evidence.

When working with commitment and perseverance your goals can be reached, my satifisfied clients can vouch for that!

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