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Your limit is my advantage

Hi, my name is Andrea Vannucci and I am a personal coach, my goal is to bring you to a state of psycho-physical well-being that you have never had.
The experience in the field has allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge, not only regarding training but also about nutrition, two foundations of my work that are connected to each other.

In addition to being an athlete, I have the privilege of following, for national and international competitions, my professional clients for European and world titles, both in the powerlifting and bodydilding fields.

A quality coaching service needs to be accompanied by equally high quality at the table.

My ideal diet must include macronutrients and micronutrients balanced in the right order, so as to allow maximum performance from both a physical and mental point of view. The “Li Vecchio” brothers, also known as the Lo Gnocco brothers, have always met every need, offering lots of food alternatives for every specific need and for every specific phase of the diet.

Why did I choose Lo Gnocco?

For unparalleled passion for sport and work, therefore health and good food.

The collaboration with LO GNOCCO was born from a set of ideas aligned and intertwined at the same time to give shape to Tuscan entrepreneurship. A complex in continuous innovation and evolution that gave me certainty about the characteristics of the products that this company, handed down from father to son, brings to our tables.

To date I know of very few companies that manage to reconcile these two passions and make them their strong point in the pursuit of their goals.

Quality in the gym but also in the diet.

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Diet and sport

Contrary to what many people think, to stay fit we don't have to give up what we like, but we can achieve a good, healthy and beautiful physique by choosing with care and intelligence what we need.

icona equilibrio


Finding the right compromise between taste and nutritional rigor.



In making physical activity and the right diet part of our lifestyle.



In achieving your goals, without burning out. Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day, so too in this case, the physique of your dreams.

A SUSTAINABLE AND FLEXIBLE approach, will bring us greater results in the shortest possible time

“Lo Gnocco” is in this case the company that has come up with a flexible and healthy way for you to stay on a diet, providing many varieties of products for all needs, while not sacrificing taste.

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