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Ho.Re.Ca. Gnocchi

Ho.Re.Ca. Gnocchi


Professional product lines

Thanks to the experience gained in craft production of high quality gnocchi, and to a major investment to have a technological advanced facility, Essedi Pasta is now a centre of production and distribution for cafeterias, cafés, restaurants, hotel, catering and food trucks.

Our Ho.Re.Ca line will give you the opportunity to consider a wide range of products to broaden the first courses on offer with high quality alternatives. You can choose every kind of gnocco in Ho.Re.Ca. line: classic, particular grains, special, fresh even in private label.

  • Cooking Time Cooking Time: 1 minute
  • Packaging Packaging: 211.6 oz (13.2 lb) or 423.2 oz (26.4 lb)
  • Envelope Envelope: 35.2 oz (2.2 lb) or 70.5 oz (4.4 lb)
  • Shelf Life Shelf Life: up to 210 days for all products except for Fresh gnocchi line
  • Conservation Conservation: Fresh gnocchi at 4 degrees, Ambient gnocchi in a cool dry place at temperature under 25 degrees

Are you the owner of a grocery store or a representative of GDO? See our offer dedicated to B2B and do not hesitate to send us your request for information and orders for the products in the catalog.

Are you a private individual? Visit our online Shop

Try the various types of gnocchi and share our cuisine with the world: you can also find @lo_gnocco on Instagram and Facebook. Have you already tried our gnocchi? Let us know your experience with LO GNOCCO and leave a review on our official page, thanks!


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