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Spelt gnocchi


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Spelt gnocchi

There are those of you who can’t say no to any type of Gnocchi. Spelt gnocchi has the power to warm the palate but also the heart: Spelt has a higher protein content than other types of wheat. It is a cereal that is rich in vitamins, fiber, mineral salts and also low in fat. This type of gnocchi is part of the range of highly digestible pasta, dedicated to consumers who are more attentive to the nutritional characteristics of food.


Fiocchi di patate (acqua, patate disidratate in fiocchi), 38% farina di FARRO, farina di GRANO tenero 00, fecola di patate, aroma naturale, sale, correttore di acidità: E 330, conservante: E 200. Potrebbe contenere: Soia.



IN POWDER 1/1:30 minuts
Put on the fire a pot with plenty of salted water, reached boiling throw the gnocchi and wait. Drain them and season to taste.

IN THE PAN 2/3 minuts
Prepare a slightly liquid sauce and add the gnocchi straight from the package. Cook over high heat for a few minutes, stirring gently until the sauce has thickened appropriately.

IN MICROWAVE 3/5  minuts
Place gnocchi directly from package in microwave in a deep dish. Set the power to 800watts for 1 minute to a maximum of 3 minutes. After that take them out, add the seasoning, mix them well gently and cook them again in the microwave for 1:30.


IN AIR FRYER 12 minuts
Place the dumplings straight from the package into the air fryer. Set the power to 180watts for 12 minutes. Serve with a pinch of salt or sauces.

IN THE OVEN 15/20 minuts
Set the oven to 200°. Bake the gnocchi and wait until desired golden brown.

FRIED IN PAN 10 minuts
Take a frying pan with high sides and pour in plenty of oil. Heat the oil over a moderate flame. Then pour the gnocchi into the oil straight from the packet, always keeping the flame moderate (be careful not to overheat the oil too much). Allow to fry until desired golden brown.

Nutritional Values

for 100gr
Energy Kj / Kcal 516 / 123
Fat gr 0
of which saturated fat gr 0
Carbohydrates gr 26
of which sugars gr 1,3
Fibres gr 2,9
Protein gr 3,5
Salt gr 0,76
Weight 0.5 kg
Shelf life

8 months


Outside the fridge, as long as you have a cool (airy), dry (no humidity) environment away from heat sources. They can also be kept in the fridge.



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