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Basel & Pesto sauce Gnocchi

Basel & Pesto sauce Gnocchi


  • Garlic 1 clove
  • Salt q.b.
  • Extra virgin olive oil 100 gr.
  • Basil 50 gr.
  • Pecorino cheese 50 gr.
  • Pine nuts 15 gr.
  • Parmesan cheese 70 gr.



To make gnocchi with pesto (popular north Italian sauce) start with the preparation of the latter and carefully clean the basil leaves with a clean cloth.


Then take a mortar and crush the peeled garlic with a few grains of coarse salt: as soon as a creamy mixture is obtained, add the basil leaves, adding some coarse salt.


With the pestle, crush the basil by rotating the pestle and mortar in the opposite direction: bright green liquid will leave the leaflets.


Add pine nuts and cheese, continuing to pound.


Finally add the oil to the wire, continuing to mix the ingredients well with the pestle until obtaining a homogeneous sauce. Keep the pesto aside.


Then heat the water of the gnocchi and when it has reached the boil, add salt.


Cook the gnocchi.


As soon as the first ones come to the surface, drain them (keeping aside at least 2-3 ladles of cooking water) and pour them directly into the pesto; add the cooking water of the gnocchi to prevent them from drying. Stir a few times.


At this point your gnocchi al pesto are ready to be served!

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